Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc. on COVID-19

Pinnacle Environmental Services Inc., is working hard to respond to the needs of our customers, vendors, and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have implemented plans and protocols at all levels to ensure the safety of our team members, customers and the communities we serve.

Our company was built on handling and removing HAZMAT rated chemicals, solvents, etc., as well as non-HAZMAT ones in compliance with federal state and local regulations, that can pose threats to the environment and humans. Because we understand the potential volatility in our daily work under normal circumstances we are applying the same care, and intentional plans in handling our response to Covid-19 as it relates to our team, customers and vendors.

We have team members who are able to work remotely to reduce group gatherings. We have instituted strict personal hygiene and handwashing protocol within our offices and we are holding each other accountable. Workers who are sick with what may be a mild cold, or asked to self-report and risk contaminating the office by coming in.

Our team is cross-trained so if your representative is unavailable due to the virus, or self-quarantined through an abundance of caution we have others equally as qualified to attend to our customer’s needs. We have also restricted non-essential travel. Drivers and field representatives have specific protocols to protect themselves and our customers as well as their employees.

We are disinfecting tools, trucks, hand trucks, skid loaders, offices and we are limiting visits to our office to employed or contracted personnel only to prevent potential spread in our office. We are reviewing our protocols daily and staying abreast of the mandates within federal and state briefings of the Federal Task Force and respective governors in the states we serve. Nothing is more important to us than the health and welfare of our team, their families, our customers and theirs. We will continue to strive to provide the best possible and most efficient, high-quality environmental services we can within the stated protocols.

We wish all of our team, customers and vendors good health and encourage you to practice social distancing if you have to be in public, to practice approved handwashing procedures, cover any cough or sneezes and self-report as necessary. America is a strong nation and we have faced countless enemies through our many years and we firmly believe this is one that may set us back, but we will not be defeated if everyone is doing their part. Take care and please be safe.

Mike Watts, President
Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc.