Pinnacle Inc.

From its inception, Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc. has maintained its focus on providing superior customer service to our customers. We strive to exceed expectations through our comprehensive environmentally-friendly and innovative solutions to current waste management challenges. We are confident in our ability to implement cleaner, greener innovations into your operations, making better use of resources and minimizing waste, all of which serve to reduce the collective impact on the planet.

Consider our Total Waste Management Program. We create custom programs for each of our clients and it all begins by listening—a rare commodity in this industry. Rather than make an attempt to sell you a standard package of services, our highly-trained analysts perform an on-site Waste Analysis Study. We talk with management and production staff and to carefully examine the waste streams to and determine their source and content. This helps us understand the entire trajectory of your operations. With that understanding as the foundation on which to build, we apply our expertise to develop your Total Waste Management Program. And we do more than just develop the program. We work with you to ensure a smooth transition. We deliver on-site training for your management and production staff to ensure everyone understands the new system of waste management. We establish and adhere to a pick-up schedule, using the appropriate vehicles with drivers who are DOT-trained and certified in OSHA hazardous material handling. They are also certified drug-free!

Sustainability is a word that’s often used in discussing environmental issues. At Pinnacle we value sustainability not just in the environmental sense, but also in the lasting relationships we have with our clients. That’s why we go to so much effort with the Total Waste Management Program! We want more than just a call for service. We are dedicated to establishing exemplary service and a long-term commitment to your company. Pinnacle Environmental Services, Inc. has the expertise and training that assures you that we will meet all Federal, State and Local Regulations. Compliance is the bedrock philosophy of our management. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing we are handling this critical aspect of your business, confident it will be handled well. You’ll also enjoy the knowledge that by choosing Pinnacle, you’re making our world just a little bit greener!

So—check us out. We promise outstanding results every day. Give us the opportunity and we’ll show you how we earn the right to handle your business with our cost effective environmental solutions based on compliance and customer service!